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juried competition


May 14-June 6, 2009
Reception May 14, 7-9pm

Winners Gallery

Congratulations to all of our entrants to the 'Top 40' LACDA Juried Competition. You have all made excellent contributions to the pioneering field of digital art and have made art history by participating in a new area of creativity and a new kind of competition. There were so many outstanding artists of all kinds from around the globe that it was very difficult to choose our winners. We endeavored to select winners that each represented the best of a variety of disciplines, cultures and geographical locations. We will continue to maintain a schedule of competitions in the future, so we encourage artists to enter again as it is likely that many will win in the future.

The winners are:

Alex and Felix Gertschen
Ariel Marte
Arthur Pinkham
Barbara Kossy
Berndnaut Smilde
Carol Dragon
Christopher Robin Blum
David George
David Molander
Dayvid LeMmon
Frank Mullaney
Gary Wornell
Gerry Millet
Hoon Dong Chung
Hyun Ji Shim
Izumu Ito
J.C. Jaress
J.F. Heurtaux
Jeffrey Burke
John Klof
Jonathan Bagby
Keith Dillon
Kurney Ramsey
Latham Robertson
Marika Krissman Tsircou
Matthew C Lange
Matthew Krueger
Meng Kok Tan
Ondrej Rudavsky
Ori Bahat
Patty Carroll
Phillip Hua
Rebecca Beardred
Robert Hustead
Robin Layton
Rocky Reasoner
Sergio Fasola
Stuart Sperling
Tim Portlock
Trevor Messersmith
Viktor Sykora


Our most sincere thanks to all for contributing to the success of digital art!