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"How Analog Impedes / How Digital Infects"

curated by
M. Woods

January 11-February 8, 2018

Artists' Reception: Saturday, January 13, 6-9pm
Artwalk preview: Thursday, January 11, 7-9pm



Featuring work by:

Premstar Santana
Gisela Guzmán
Karissa Hahn
J.E. Sharpe
Victor Acevedo
Andrew Kim
Jesse Russell Brooks
Melissa Gasca
Frank Synowicz
Michelle Chu
Lauren Woods
And more...

As we continue our inelegant passage from the analog to the digital frame, new forms of hybrid media are forged; as the analog tools of representation confront a digital hyperreality, the analog attempts to obstruct and impede on the project of universal codification, yet loses its physical integrity in the process. Even in a purely analog media, the world captured, the subject itself, is complicated and corrupted by this hybridization & digital supremacy.

While the digital attempts to work its tendrils into the organic, creating failed hermetic systems, the analog impedes upon the hermeticism at the heart of the digital project.

This exhibit is a review of media representation from the analog to the digital, that looks self-reflexively upon the lack created as physical reality and the body pass into code and intangibility.

Among many themes elaborated upon by this formidable group of artists - the horrific loss of the body - and the body politic, the attempts to bind the body physically in an increasingly digital world, fatal strategies for revealing authenticity in a digital realm, corruption, disintegration, and attempts to rediscover/compromise the facticity of reality. 

Curated by M. Woods

Still by Victor Acevedo



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